Impact Fees

Impact fees help fund expansion of sewer infrastructure to accommodate growth. Sewer impact fees are calculated using Residential Equivalent Units (REUs – defined as a discharge of 300 gallons per day) for residential customers and Unit Contributory Loadings (UCLs) for commercial properties. Impact fees, also referred to as system development fees, availability or capacity fees, are a method of partially financing new wastewater treatment facilities and wastewater trunk line extensions in areas of substantial growth. The cost of these improvements is shared proportionately by new users. Impact Fees vary and are proportional to the expected volume of wastewater discharge. These charges are determined individually by the District’s staff at a rate of $1,300.00 per REU. Expected discharge volumes of greater than 300 gallons per day are calculated at the same rate of $1,300 per 300 gallons per day. The minimum Impact Fee is $1,600.00

Connection Fees

All new connections to the system shall be subject to a Connection Fee of $1,100.00.

Inspection Fees

Inspection fees for new construction and abandonments District-wide $125.00

All low-pressure Pump Inspections District-wide $250.00

Re-Inspection Fee District-wide addition al $150.00
(New connections, abandonments, low pressure pumps)


Fee Schedule - Sewer Rate Schedule