Purchases for Greenwood Metropolitan District are conducted through our Purchasing Department at the direction of the Greenwood Metropolitan District Commission, as outlined in our Procurement Policy. In support of GMD’s mission to protect the health and environment of our community by treating and transporting wastewater in the most efficient and economical manner, the procurement process is likewise intended to deliver goods and services in a timely, cost-effective manner through fair and ethical procurement practices.

In all actions involving the procurement of supplies, services, or construction for Greenwood Metropolitan District, the provisions of S.C. Code 1976 Title 8, Chapter 13 (State Ethics Act), as amended, are to be complied with.

The Commission may grant exceptions to the Procurement Policy when necessary to meet specific needs or requirements of the District.


Formal Bids

Seeking competition in procurement is required by our Procurement Policy, as set forth by our Commission. When managed effectively, seeking competitive pricing fosters honest competition, and can increase participation among bidders and contractors, thereby reducing the cost of goods and services. A fair and open competitive process discourages favoritism in public procurement while allowing interested vendors a fair and equal opportunity to compete.

Competition in our purchasing process is created by obtaining quotes on transactions ranging from $1,500.00 to $24,999.99. Transactions over $25,000.00 require Request For Bid (RFB), a formal sealed bid process, and the approval of the Commission.

Sealed bids are used when the monetary threshold requires it, when multiple sources are expected, and when fair and equitable pricing is desired. A reasonable time will be permitted for bidders to prepare and submit bids. Each bid must be presented to the Commission in a sealed envelope clearly indicating the item being bid, the bid opening date and the bidder’s name. Bids must be received at the time and place specified in the RFB. Bid submittals should comply with the specifications, and bidders will not be permitted to reconsider their bids after the sealed bid has been presented to the Commission.

Professional Services may include services rendered by engineers, or other services requiring specialized or technical skills, expertise or knowledge, or the exercise of professional judgment. GMD promotes competition in Professional Services by issuing Requests For Proposals (RFPs), where price should not necessarily be the sole criteria for award of a contract. 


Awarding Contracts

When competitive bidding is required, the award of the contract is made by the Commission to the lowest responsible bidder meeting specifications. In assessing whether a bidder is responsible, GMD will consider multiple factors including a bidder’s capacity and financial ability to complete the contract, accountability, past performance, reliability, and integrity.


Surplus Goods

Periodically we advertise surplus assets on GovDeals.com https://www.govdeals.com/