Greenwood Metropolitan District (GMD) was created by Act No. 441 of 1959 as a Special Purpose District for the purpose of transporting and treating wastewater within its boundaries. GMD is a vital partner in our community by protecting the environment and the public’s health. GMD is a key component of the economic infrastructure of Greenwood County and the City of Greenwood.

GMD owns, operates, and maintains; over 410 miles of sewer pipe, 2 wastewater treatment plants, a biosolids land application site, an administration building, 10 permanent flow monitoring stations, 35 lift stations, 8,693 manholes, 607 residential low‐pressure pumps, service vehicles and other specialized equipment to provide wastewater collection and treatment services to a population of approximately 36,000 persons (52% of the total county population of 69,000). GMD currently serves approximately 14,800 residential, and 1,800 commercial and 15 permitted industrial connections.


Our Mission Statement

To protect the health and environment of our community by providing wastewater collection, and treatment services. Our goal is to provide the best service around the clock, each day, with efficiency, effectiveness, and courtesy.